Good Writing

From our first words as writers, we have a relation with our reader. We provide what the reader wants and in return the reader keeps reading. In a good relation, both benefit, perhaps with more wisdom, health, or wealth. No matter the topic, good writing aims to improve life.

The good writer promises this value to the reader. The reader pursues the writer who understands their need. So, good writing saves the reader’s time by solving something. From boredom to personal meaning, practical matters and everything in between, good writing is founded upon an awareness of an issue to be solved.

Good writing makes the complicated, simple. The writer thinks for the reader’s understanding—which includes what’s already been said. Writers may lament nothing is original, yet even if already written, an answer is worth repeating in more simple terms.

Writing cannot be mastered, but we can improve our writing everyday. It’s tempting to compare oneself to the greats, yet it helps to remember, the perfect writer does not exist. So, whilst inspiration is good, writing is best measured against one’s own standard. Then with practice, our writing may be appreciated by others.

Good writing is difficult. It takes time and effort. We can give everything and it’s still not enough. But we needn’t go it alone. Enter the good writer’s, often overlooked secret: their editor. With a fresh approach, your editor can polish the gem you’ve uncovered and bring your text to its best.