Rates & Pricing

You’re welcome to message me if you have any questions.


Price per word

One-time writing assignments e.g. blog posts, begin at US$0.15 per word.

Project work

For bigger tasks I charge on a per project basis, with a fixed price.

Ghost writing

I offer ghostwriting with a 25% extra fee.

Editing & Proofreading

1) Send me a text sample.

2) Tell me the editing or proofreading standard you require.

3) I’ll provide you with a quote per 1000 words.

How to Hire

I’m a new client, what’s the process?

1. You assign a topic and complete my writing brief— which tells me what you need.

2. Following these details, I write an outline and request a 50% deposit which depends upon the word count.

3. Before I begin writing, you check the outline and make comments if needed.

4. I write the first draft in around seven business days, you review it.

5. You mark edits in the draft, I make the edits within one or two business days.

6. We agree on the final draft, I send you an invoice for the remaining 50% of my fee.

7. Once you receive the final draft, I ask you to complete a short and optional exit survey.

Frequent Questions

1. How many edits can I have?

The price includes one round of edits. Additional edits are charged for.

2. How soon can you start?

For new projects, I request a two-week lead-time.

Usually I have one or two spaces for new clients per month, but these often go quickly.

The sooner we discuss your project, the better.

3. It’s urgent, can you start today?

Yes, I charge 25% extra to cover the required overtime.

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